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Why we Love Multi Wear Dresses for Bridesmaids

Why we Love Multi Wear Dresses for Bridesmaids

We are exclusive stockists of the Only-Way Multi wear dress.  Multi wear dresses are perfect dress for your bridesmaids.

Why do we think this

One size fits all – No need to panic about what size to order of bridesmaids lose or gain weight before the big day!

  • Perfect for pregnant bridesmaids – If one of your bridesmaid is or becomes pregnant the dress will stretch to her new shape, and flatter any size of bump!
  • Versatile – the dress can be worn in at least 15 different ways so your bridesmaids can showcase their individuality.
  • Flattering and comfortable the stretchy fabric makes the dress super comfortable. You want your bridesmaids to enjoy their day as well as look fabulous, so choose them a comfortable dress.   The dress  will show or hide any bits of their body they chose.  A  bandeaux is available for a modest look and Wowprom also sell the amazing Invisabra which is  perfect for backless dresses.
  • Alterations – the dress is made from an amazing fabric that will not fray so no hemming is required. Simply trim to the desired length!
  • Fun and affordable– the dresses are fun to wear and make for great wedding photographs.  The dress is versatile and can be worn again for other occasions.
  • A rainbow of colours– currently available in 26 colours.  Nude Pink, Cream, Stone, Mocha, Slate Grey, Olive Green, Teal, Light Green, Emerald, Lime, Turquoise, Dusty Blue, Cobolt, Royal, Navy, Black, Purple, Violet, Wine, Red, Dark Coral, Magenta, Cerise and Chalk Pink.


If you think that multi wear dresses might be the way to go make an appointment to come and have a look today.  Orders take approximately two weeks to arrive in store.

Dress £145