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Beginners Guide to choosing a Prom dress

Beginners guide to buying a Prom dress

Buying a Prom dress can be challenging.  You may have never been to a formal event before and you probably don’t wear a dress very often.  So what do you need to consider:

  1. Budget

Have a clear idea about how much you are going to spend on your dress before you go shopping.  Avoid trying on dresses that are well over your budget – that can only end in disaster!  If somebody else is buying your dress remember to take their opinions into account too!

At Wowprom we stock dresses from £45-£350, we also have a range of sale and pre-owned dresses.  If you do fall for a more expensive dress or simply want to spread the cost, we can offer payment plans.

  1. Where to go?

Google prom dress on-line and you will find local suppliers and also a range of websites promising cheap prom dresses.  Be aware that the dresses from foreign websites can end in disaster and look nothing like the photograph on the website when they eventually arrive.  It is much better to go to a shop where you can try on dresses and look at the quality and the fit.

At Wowprom we specialise in prom so you can expect quality dresses and a range of sizes from 0-32

  1. When to go?

It is never too early to start.  The new styles arrive in store during October Half Term. Some dresses will need to be ordered in for your particular size and colour.  Order times are around 3 months so start shopping early.  You may need to visit several shops to find your dress or you may find it in the first shop you visit.  Some shops are open for customers at any time and others are appointment only.  Do you research first!

At Wowprom we hold an Open Morning or Afternoon most months if you want to pop in and have a quick look at the range.  The rest of the time we are open by appointment only so you get individual attention and privacy.  At peak times we can get booked up so try and book an appointment a week or so in advance.

  1. Style

Do some research before you try on some dresses.  Do you know what your friends are wearing?   Do you have an idea of what style you would like?  What do you want people to think when they see you?   Have a good walk around in a dress, will you be able to walk, sit, dance and eat?

At Wowprom because you get a private appointment we can guide you through what style suits you and we can can show you what dresses suit different shapes and sizes.

  1. Choice

If you buy a dress on line, then there is always the possibility someone else will be wearing the same dress.  Most dress shops will keep a list and not sell the same dress to any two girls going to the same prom.

At Wowprom we PROMise not to sell the same dress even in a different colour to any two girls going to the same prom.