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How to Choose the Perfect Colour for Your Prom Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Colour for Your Prom Dress

Choosing your prom dress can be overwhelming especially when there are so many styles and colours to pick from.  Even if you know you want pink do you know how many different shades of pink there are?

Choosing the perfect colour comes down to 3 considerations:


Skin Tone

How you look in a colour depends on your skin tone and in particular it’s undertone.  The best way to find out your skin undertone is to pinch the back of your hand, whatever colour you see there is your undertone.

Rosy pink undertone – suits cool colours such as blues or purples

Peach or red undertone – suits warm colours

Yellow undertone – stay away from pale yellow or champagne colours

Hair Colour

Brunette – Can wear a variety of shades but blues are especially good

Blondes – Black will look stunning as will bright warm colours

Redheads – Pastels, turquoise and green will look good

If you think you will colour your hair for prom bear that in mind when shopping a dress that suited you as a brunette may not look as good if you go blonde.


The most important think is how you feel in a dress.  If you love how you look in yellow but the guide says you should wear warm colours ignore it!  If you look and feel great that is the most important thing.  Try a few dresses on to get an idea of what suits you and be prepared to change your mind, plenty of girls visit the shop with a fixed idea of what they want and then end up with something completely different.  Dresses can look completely different on to how they look on a hanger so give them a chance!