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What does the dress code mean? A guide a to dress codes for Christmas parties and balls

What does the dress code mean? A guide a to dress codes for Christmas parties and balls

There is always a mixture of excitement and fear when the invitation to a formal Christmas event drops through the letterbox. Excitement at the chance to dress up, maybe get your hair done and buy a new dress and then the fear of getting it wrong and spending an uncomfortable evening feeling like you don’t fit in.

What does the dress codes mean?

There are many definitions but for me Black Tie means a long dress (or at least no shorter than knee length). The dress does not have to be black but should not be too bright of heavily patterned.

White tie is more formal than black tie and almost certainly means a long formal gown, with accessories such as long gloves.

Other dress codes that can appear on invitations include “black tie optional” where it is easier to just stick to the rules of black tie (maybe a shorter dress).  “Creative black tie” is inviting the guests to have a little fun, a gentleman may wear a colourful tie and your dress could be brighter and maybe patterned.

Finally what is the dress code for a military ball?  You should not show too much skin and there should be no need for tape to protect your modesty.  Make sure that your dress well fitting. Thigh splits are a not acceptable and neither are cut outs.  Try to coordinate with your date.

There is no need to spend a fortune on a dress if your budget is tight. Perfectly goods dresses can be bought for under £100.  Consider buying a pre worn dress (@Wowprom stocks a good range of sale and pre worn dresses).  Maybe you already have a dress that just needs some accessories or a bit of embellishment.  Have a look on this site for details of local seamstresses or pop in to one of our open mornings to browse the accessories.

Most of all when you get to your event having planned your outfit, enjoy yourself and make the most of looking fabulous-tomorrow it might be back to the jeans and sweatshirt!