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What to expect from your appointment at Wowprom?

What to expect from your appointment at Wowprom?

Here at Wowprom we want you to be comfortable, happy and enjoy your appointment.  After all it’s not that often you get the chance to try on lots of glamorous prom dresses or even wedding gowns.  Unlike some other retailers we are keen that you get the chance to have a good look and feel of all the dresses.  We also encourage you to take photographs to help with the decision making process.  We have a loo so you don’t need to worry about being caught short! Here are some tips for you to make the most from your appointment:

  • If you have seen a dress that you like on our website or another website, bring the name of the dress or a photo. Even if we don’t have the exact dress it will give us an idea of what you like.
  • Try and wear neutral pants and a strapless bra if you have them. If you fall in love with a dress that you can’t wear with a bra with be prepared to slip it off to see the dress at its best.
  • If you have some shoes of the style you would like to wear with the dress, bring them along.
  • Be prepared to try on lots of dresses. It is not unusual to try on 8-10 dresses at an appointment sometimes you fall in love with a dress that is nothing like the one you thought you wanted.

Here is a guide to what happens during an appointment:

  • We will talk you through the dresses, which ones are one offs and which are available in other sizes and colours.
  • We promise not to sell the same dress in the same colour to any two girls going to the same event so there may be some dresses you can’t look at.
  • We will let you have a good look through the dresses, if you are confident to do this on your own we will leave you in peace, if you want some help we will offer it.
  • We will offer you refreshments (parents and friends can sit and have drink while they watch you try on dresses).
  • When you have selected the dresses we will start trying them on. We will talk you through how to get in (and out!) of the dresses.  If you need any help fastening dresses, we will assist but the changing area is a private space.
  • When you have a dress on you can come and look at it in the big mirror – we can talk about what you like (or don’t like!) about it.
  • If you want to you can take some photos. We have complimentary wi-fi so you can send photos to friends or family members to get their opinions.

We do our best to make your appointment as enjoyable as possible.  We want you to be comfortable, happy and enjoy your appointment.  There is no pressure to buy a dress (we always appreciate you taking some cards to give your friends though!) and it is great if you like us on our Facebook page.

We can arrange payment plans for dresses so you can spread the cost and if you love a dress but can’t quite decide we are happy to put it one side on our “thinking rail” for a couple of days while you have a think about it.

We hope that this is useful information and look forward to seeing you at an appointment very soon and helping you find your dress.